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An interactive graph plotter! This is a very interesting math tool to plot your own graphs! Just enter the equation as a function of x, for example – Math.sin(x). Just try it out and have fun!

3 Key focus areas for educators in 2014

In a class room, every student is leaning forward, interacting with the teacher or with other students, and / or with the content. Engagement is not a focus on entertainment rather it’s a brain activity. So the first focus area should be to make the student’s brain fully engaged in the classroom. This will […]

Digital devices in transforming education

It is now the time to ensure that every student has a digital device.

I say this for 3 main reasons.

The quality and amount of digital content in education is exploding.
Now the Digital and mobile devices are proliferating and are available at much lower costs.
Online interactive environments are becoming easier to use and foster collaboration.

It […]