This App helps in interactively exploring Static and Current Electricity (including Magnetic effects of Electric current) using real time simulations. The simulations are highly touch enabled and are designed game-like so that people would love to play around with the simulations and at the same time can gain a deeper understanding of Physics concepts.

The list of simulations are categorized into 3 major headings under Electricity topic -

A. Static Electricity
1. Coloumb force simulation – Touch and position the charges, create positive/negative charges to understand electric charge, units and interaction between charges.
2. Perform Pith Ball experiment completely virtually – This mimics the real world experiment and you can vary mass, charge, length and see the effect of Electrical & Mechanical forces in action!
3. Electric field lines – You can touch the charges & vary the type of charge to see how the electric field lines vary.

B. Current Electricity
1. Conductors & Insulators – Understand different types of materials from current conductivity point of view and perform simple experiment using each material type.
2. Single Switch simulation – Touch the switch to toggle this between ON and OFF state, choose the current between DC or AC and see how the current flows in the wire in each case, making the bulb glow!
3. Two-Way Switch – Ever wondered the operation mechanism of a 2 way switch that we commonly use at home? Perform this interactive touch experiment, toggle the switches to figure out how this mechanism works!
4. Bulbs in series and Parallel connection simulation – Why are the electrical appliances at home connected in Parallel and not in series? Understand all this interactively by performing the experiment yourself!
5. Ohm’s Law – You don’t need to by heart the formula if you perform this touch experiment!

c. Magnetic effects of Electric Current
1. Electromanget – Perform this touch based experiment to figure out how moving electrons result in Magnetic fields?
2. Charge in Magnetic field – Touch & Steer a charge through the Magnetic fields so that it doesn’t go off the screen! Can you do it? Challenge yourself and while playing this, you will learn how external magnetic fields influence moving electron!
3. Working principle of Generator – Create a simple generator and make the bulb glow!
4. Application in Cycle Dynamo – Rotate the pedal to see what makes the bulb glow…Does it matter if you rotate the pedal faster or slower? Find out by performing this real time activity!


Grades  Activities & Simulations (click underlined simulations to view in below window)
4th - 8th Coloumb force, Conductors and Insulators – Activity, Single switch, Two-way switch, Bulbs – Series and Parallel circuit, Ohms Law, Working principle of Generator
8th-12th Bulbs – Series and Parallel circuit, Ohms Law, ElectroMagnet, Charge in Magnetic field, Working principle of Generator, Working principle of Generator using Rotation, Application in Cycle Dynamo, Coloumb force, Pith Ball Experiment, Single switch, Two-way switch


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Working principle of Generator

Working principle of Generator

Image of Working principle of Generator interactive

Charge in Magnetic field

Image of Charge in Magnetic field interactive


Image of ElectroMagnet interactive

Series and Parallel circuits

Series and Parallel circuits

Image of Series and Parallel circuits interactive

Two-way switch

Image of Two-way switch interactive

Conductors and Insulators

Image of Conductors and Insulators simulation

Electric Field Lines

Image of Electric Field Lines simulation

Pith Ball Experiment

Image of Pith Ball Experiment simulation