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At Actual Concepts, we are continuously focused on offering highly interactive, engaging and collaborative education using new digital media and technologies. We create highly interactive simulations, web apps, tablet/mobile apps, 3D animations and several content creation tools including Gesture controlled Apps to bring about a transformational change in education. We strongly believe in the fact that digitization has the potential to revolutionize education by providing highly personalized , collaborative and engaging learning environment. 

We offer efficient and effective learning apps, content creation tools & animations on mobile, tablets and web. These apps have been designed using our deep understanding in education, research and knowledge base. 

We believe on a constructionist approach and our education using digital technologies encourage the learners to actively participate in the learning process, instead of being passive recipients. We use well researched and powerful visualization techniques that enable students to gain insights and facilitate understanding of the otherwise complex and abstract concepts. We strongly believe in leveraging use of information, communication and technology (ICT) to enhance both the learning and teaching experience. We believe in cultivating educational practitioners, including teachers and decision makers to make them smart thinkers. Our cutting-edge solutions for students and professionals, help them to carve a niche for themselves.

Our ideology revolves around bringing a substantial impact in transforming education by creating an interactive, engaging, personalized and colloborative environment.

We have built premier partnerships with technology gaints like Intel and are working to provide cutting edge solutions like gesture controlled Apps and perceptual computing on digital devices in addition to the touch enabled Apps.

Who Is Actual Concepts

Our Company Mission
The Actual Concepts Philosophy

Our Digital content coverage

  •  Simulation-based interactive learning apps for enhancing conceptual understanding in Science and Math in a practical manner. These apps are useful for students and educators alike, providing a highly interactive, exploratory, and engaging experience.
  • 3D animations that help students to easily visualize and facilitate understanding of the otherwise complex and abstract concepts.
  • Content creation tools that help in creating interactive content. These tools offer you the power of taking control into your hands, rather than living with the pre-packaged content that is already out there. This would help in creating highly personalized content that suits your classroom needs.
  • Highly interactive activities, quizzes, mind-maps, brain games and many more collaborative tools that continuously stimulate the brain that help in creating an engaging experience.

Meet Our Team

Bhaskar Kompella, Ph.D in Mathematics
Bhaskar Kompella, Ph.D in MathematicsChairman & Mentor
Dr. Bhaskar Kompella, Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, has 30+ years of experience and has held various key academic and corporate positions including visiting Professor at University of Oregon, Professor in Center for Research and Advanced Studies at Mexico, Global Technology Leader at GE, to being a Sr.Scientist in Motorola. He has done immense contributions to the field of Mathematics and Physics, of which some of them include Computer applications and Statistical modeling of core engineering problems, Differential Geometry and it Applications to Physics,  Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications.
Ravindra Kompella, Masters in Software systems
Ravindra Kompella, Masters in Software systemsCEO and Founder
Ravindra Kompella, a Masters in software systems and Bachelors from I.I.T, has 17+ years of work experience in software industry and has held several key roles globally. Passionate about Education, Technology, Art, Robotics, Gaming and Astronomy (of course, developing software applications for these as well!)