This App helps in interactively exploring waves, vibrations, Simple Harmonic Motion and their applications using real time simulations (The list of simulations and activities that can be performed on the simulations are given below).

1. Types of mechanical waves – pulse,triangular,progressive waves
2. Create longitudinal waves – Touch the first particle to set a longitudinal wave. See how such waves are formed.
3. Create Transverse waves – Touch the first particle to set a transverse wave
4. Understand terms – Amplitude/frequency by varying simple parameters and literally observe how the system behaves in each case!
5. Huygens principle of wave fronts
6. Virtual Ripple tank experiment!
7. Doppler effect covering all the scenarios. You have a mic that you can position while the waves are travelling to give you an in depth of understanding of why the sound increases in frequency as an airplane is approaches you!
8. Resonance
9. Understand Phase, phase difference by performing a fun experiment
10. Simple harmonic motion – you can vary several parameters and see the graphical plots
11. Simple pendulum lab – Entire simple pendulum experiments can be literally performed in this experiment. You have a timer to time the oscillations and identify the time period!
12. Harmonics
13. Beats
14. What happens when you connect one pendulum to the end of another pendulum!?
15. Perform several spring-mass system experiments and observe the graphs getting plotted on how the kinetic energy, potential energy, velocity, acceleration changes with time, displacement.
16. Coupled oscillations
17. Forced oscillations
18. Two body oscillations


Grades  Activities & Simulations (click underlined simulations to view in below window)
4th - 8th Create Transverse Wave, Types of Mechanical Waves, Create Longitudinal Wave, Gravity Lab – Experiment with Ball, Inclined plane
8th-12th Longitunal Waves – Amplitude and frequency, Wave front and waves – Huygens Principle, Ripple Tank – Interference Pattern, Doppler Effect, Resonance, Harmonics, Fun with Double Pendulum, Beats, Spring Mass System, Damped oscillations, Energy vs Displacement, KE vs Time, Velocity vs Displacement, Acceleration vs Time, Acceleration vs Displacement, Two Body oscillations, Coupled oscillations, Lissajous Figures, Forced Oscillations, Simple Harmonic Motion, Simple Pendulum Lab, Understanding Phase Difference, Create Transverse Wave


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Phase difference

Image of Phase difference interactive

Simple Pendulum Lab

Image of Simple Pendulum Lab interactive

Simple Harmonic Motion

Image of Simple Harmonic Motion interactive

Forced oscillations

Image of Two body oscillations interactive

Two body oscillations

Image of Two body oscillations interactive

Spring Mass System and Energy

Spring Mass System and Energy

Image of Spring Mass System - Energy interactive

Doppler Effect

Image of Ripple tank interference interactive

Create Longitudinal Wave

Create Longitudinal Wave

Image of Types of Waves interactive

Types of Waves

Image of Types of Waves interactive